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Reviews (By Title)

Reviews will be done by other authors.  This serves two purposes.  The first being that no one person is doing all the reviews.  The second is you get a review from another author that you can then use to further market your book! 

To submit your book for review, please send a request.  You will receive details shortly thereafter.

If you'd like to become one of our reviewers, please drop us a note and let us know your area of reading enjoyment.

*Due to the volume of reviews being done, we are only able to highlight two or three at a time.  However, ALL reviews can be accessed by searching either by title or by author.

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Reviews (by Author)


The 12 O'Clock High Logbook Duffin, Allan
30 Things You Should Know About Media Relations Herrera, Tim
395 & A Wake Up Sako, Terry W.
& On the Eighth Day Damon, Stephen
Abandoned Love Plassay, Ida
A Brother Lost Pearce, Rob
A Buffalo's Revenge Lupo, Bob
A Corpsman's Legacy Hanson, Stephanie
Across the Bridge Greenwald, Jim
After The Republic Blevins, Joe L.
A Guide to the Battles of the American Revolution

Dameron, J. David

Savas, Theodore P.

All Things Are Ready Smith, Peter Andrew
Allegheny Mountain Hesselbein, John
American Warrior Bahnsen, John C. “Doc”
An Infantry Lieutenant's Vietnam Pierce, Ivan N.
And Never Stop Dancing Livingston, Gordon
Andi the Bee Silver, Phil
Angel Park Kokinos, Patricia
Angels Never Lie Van Slyke, Gerald
Another Six-Hundred Mullin, J. Daniel
A Path Not Chosen Hancock Sr., Phillip N.
Apple Pots and Funeral Plots Dulle, Peggy
A Psalm for Every Sigh Crotts, Stephen M.
The Archimedes Codex Noel, William & Netz, Reviel
The Art of Confident Living Robinson PhD, Bryan
As We Believe, So We Behave Leininger, David E.
A Thousand Tears Falling Krall, Yung
A Time To Tell Savva, Maria
A Whirlwind Profession Miller, Catherine
A Worthy Legacy Akinyanmi, Tomi
The Baker Affair Barber, Lou
Band of Sisters: American Women at War in Iraq Holmstedt, Kirsten A.
Barinelli's War Basilici, Eugene
Battlefields & Blessings

Cook, Jane Hampton

Croushorn, John

Green, Jocelyn

Battlelines Brown, Dave
Be Big Katz, Judith H.
Behold, An Ashen Horse Boyland, Lee & Boyland, Vista
Big Boy Rules Fainaru, Steve
Big Mo’s Tennis Ball Hunt Whitaker, Kent
Birding for Beginners Buff, Sheila
Black Chinook: An Army Ranger's Story Combs, David A.
Black Jack Holloway, Jean
Black’s Beach Shuffle Fayman, Corey Lynn
Blended Families Coleman, Valerie
Blessed Are The Pure In Heart Allen, Jo Anne
The Blog of War Burden, Matthew Currier
Blood Stripes: The Grunt's View of the War in Iraq Danelo, David J.
Blue Eyes Lieb, Patricia
Blueprints for Advent and Christmas Fadness, Arley K.
Bombshells: War Stories and Poems by Women on the Homefront Martin, Missy and Loren, Jesse
Born in the 40's, Raised in the 50's, Died in the 60's Brondsema, George
Brainswitch Out of Depression Curtiss, A. B.
The Brenner Assignment O'Donnell, Patrick
Brownwater - Getting There is Half The Fun… Crawford, Samuel C.
Brownwater II: The Adventure Begins Crawford, Samuel C.
Bullets and Bandages Saniscalchi, Robert J
Caenus and the Quiver of Artemis Ledbetter, Christopher S.
Calling The Dead Meredith, Marilyn
Camille Claudel Bond Ph.D., Alma H.
~ Coming Soon ~ Carol Jo and Mr. Brown Danner, Caroline
Chained Eagle Alvarez Jr, Everett
Chained to the Desk Robinson PhD, Bryan
Checkered Flag Cooking Whitaker, Kent
Choppers Seate, Mike
Church Safety and Security Cirtin, Robert M.
Clouds Are Always White On Top Lewis, Nolan
The Coast Guard Beard, Barrett T
Code of Conduct Alvarez Jr, Everett
The Coil Lynds, Gayle
Coming Late to America Akamnonu, Dr. Oliver
The Company She Keeps Durante, Georgia
Conduct to the Prejudice of Good Order Dane, Dan
Corvette Mueller, Mike
Counterclockwise Conlee, Roger
Crack Between the Worlds Stenholm, Carmen
Crazy for God Schaeffer, Frank
The Critical Questions …and More Thomas, Bill
The Crown Conspiracy Sullivan, Michael J.
Dad, You are NOT Going Out Wearing That! Herrera, Tim
Daddy Misses Kisses and Candy at War Barnes, Kathy
Daddy Misses Kisses and Candy at War Berg, Jody
Dare to Dream Humphrey. Sandra McLeod
Days of Smoke Ozeroff, Mark
Deception From the Other Side Best, Robert E.
Decoding the Heavens Marchant, Jo
Demons, Drugs, Decisions Cipher, Lou
Desert of Tears Holland, Wayne
The Destineer's Journal of Fantasy Nations

Sharpe, N.A.

Sharpe, Bobby

Dhow of the Monsoon Holden, William M.
Dictators, Drugs & Revolution Menzel, Sewall
Dispel The Mist Meredith, Marilyn
Don't Mess With Earth Ball, Cliff
The Dream House Roder, Victoria
The Drifters Shook, Tanya Holmes
Dry Tears Baillie, David
Echoes of Yesterday Elk Grove: An Inside View of Historic Sites Armstrong, Lance
Eden's Family Curry, Kevin
Eddie Adams: Vietnam Adams, Alyssa
Edges Skolkin-Smith, Leora
Emotions Clothed in Poetry Fabel, Joe
Everett Alvarez, Jr.: A Hero for Our Times Alvarez Jr, Everett
Every Shape, Every Shadow Conlee, Roger
Ev'ry Little Soul O’Neal, Terry A.
Face of a Killer Burcell, Robin
Faith Deployed: Daily Encouragement for Military Wives Green, Jocelyn
Fearless Cook, Matt
Ferryman Sutton, Carole
Fields of Memory Wood. Robert W.
The Final Salute Rodgers, Kathleen
Finding Iris Chang: Friendship, Ambition, and the Loss of an Extraordinary Mind Kamen, Paula
Fire in the Night Kelley III, Lee
F.N.G. Bodey, Donald
For Cory's Sake Wada, Carolyn
Forty Letters to a New Dad Molin, Steve
Freeborn Calkum, Steven
The "Frizzamyer" Principle Zindler, Adelaide
The Frogmen Of World War II Cunningham, Chet
From Wedgies to Feeding Frenzies Herrera, Tim
Gasgeil’s Bravery Condoleo, Christy
Gatekeeper's Realm Bowman, Elena Dorothy
Gems Sefler, Michaela
Georgia Hometown Cookbook Whitaker, Kent
The German Fleet At War 1939-1945 O'Hara, Vincent P.
Gifts From My Heart Dalhover, Steve
The Girls Come Marching Home Holmstedt, Kirsten A.
Giving My Heart: Love in a Military Family Farber -Silk, Lisa
Glen Robbie: A Scottish Fairy Tale Watson, T. E.
God Does Have a Sense of Humor Ballister, Rob
God in the Foxhole Sasser, Charles W.
God of Justice Leininger, David E.
God's Funny That Way Quaranta, Lori
Good Mornin' Glory O’Neal, Terry A.
Goodbye Vietnam Wood, Robert W.
Grady’s Tour Gallagher, John H.
The Great Wall Man, John
The Gulf Between Us Acree, Cynthia
The Hades Factor Lynds, Gayle
Harkening Howard-Johnson, Carolyn
Harley-Davidson Girdler, Allan
He Will Not Depart From It Allen, Jo Anne
Healing Happens with Your Help Ritberger, Carol
Healing Tree: Mystical Poetry Sefler, Michaela
Hear His Voice Clark, Nancy
Hell Wouldn't Stop: The Story of the Battle of Wake Island Cunningham, Chet
The Hindenburg Letter Conlee, Roger
Honeymoon for Three Cook, Alan
Honor Defended Brown, D. H.
Honor Due Brown, D. H.
Hope & Desire Grant, Theresa
Hospital Administration and Management Gupta, Joydeep Das
Hot Issues Cool Choices, Facing Bullies, Peer Pressure, Popularity, and Put-Downs Humphrey. Sandra McLeod
How to Achieve your Life Purpose Afekafe, Obuh Dele
How to Move Forward in Life Afekafe, Obuh Dele
Hunting with Tigers Basilici, Eugene
I Am Potential: Eight Lessons on Living, Loving, and Reaching Your Dreams Hughes, Patrick Henry
I Hear No Bugles Mercy, Robert Winston
I Spy Christmas Anderson, Dean A. and Tkach, Rod
I Will Never Give Up Clark, Derek W.
I Will Never Give Up On God Again Clark, Derek W.
ICEX Intelligence: Vietnam's Phoenix Program Crowell, G. LaVerne
If You Had to Choose, What Would You Do? Humphrey. Sandra McLeod
Imperfection in a Perfect World Martinez, Roberto Carlos
In the Midst Of Barons, C.M.
Is Anybody Listening? Birchim, Barbara and Clark, Sue J
ISP Certification Bennett, Jeffrey W.
It’s Up to You, What Do You Do? Humphrey. Sandra McLeod
John Deere Beemer, Rod
Journey to the Motherland Johnson-Redd, Larry Ukali
Judging God Henderson MD, John A. and Gurgew, Craig
Judgment Fire Meredith, Marilyn
Jungle Rules Crittenden, Gaz
Junkyard Blues Mahon, Nan
Keepin’ It Real, A Young Teen Talks With God Humphrey. Sandra McLeod
The Last Mayan Warrior Culbertson, Jan E.
The Last Spymaster Lynds, Gayle
Leadership Sopranos Style Himsel, Deborrah
Learning to Breathe Wright, Alison
Lectionary Tales For The Pulpit Leininger, David E.
Lectionary Tales for the Pulpit - Series VI Leininger, David E.
The Legend of Dunsmoor Manor Culbertson, Jan E.
The Legend of Juggin Joe Yakel, Joseph
The Legend of the Lost Tiki Culbertson, Jan E.
The Legend of Willow Springs Farm Culbertson, Jan E.
Let This Mind Be In You Williams, James L.
Letters Home: The true story of Lt. Harry Frank Hunt Brown, Faye C.
Life’s Spices From Seasoned Sistahs Ward, Vicki
Like Father Culbertson, Jan E.
Line Kansas - Memories of Korea 1950-1958 Baillie, David
Lipstick and a Smile White, Helen
Louisiana Hometown Cookbook Whitaker, Kent
Love Leaves No One Behind Pemberton, Claudia
Love of a Lifetime Plassay, Ida
Lucky Enough Beesley, Eddie
Make A Joyful Noise Walker, B. MSC, Chariss K.
The Man Who Spoke With Cats Watson, T. E.
Margaret Mahler, a Biography of the Psychoanalyst Bond Ph.D., Alma H.
Marines and Renegades Rackovitch, Gene
Marshall's Journey Dennis, Vailia
Me, Myself and I Humphrey. Sandra McLeod
Men & Sex, Heroes & Jerks Huntington, Vince
The Midnight Chase Bondoc, Carlo
The Miracle Shirker Buchanan, Brad
Mirrored Minds Lee, Terri
Mitakuye Oyasin: We Are All Related Greenwald, Jim
More If You Had to Choose, What Would You Do? Humphrey. Sandra McLeod
More Than A Memory: Reflections Of Viet Nam Volkman, Victor R.
Mountain Trials Crowell, G. LaVerne
Murder on the Cocktail Circuit Gibb, Charles
Murders Do Not Come By Accident Cook, Edward T.
A Muslim, the Quran and Jesus the Son of Mary Tayem, Akef
My Beloved Clark, Nancy
My Dad's a Hero Christiansen, Rebecca
My Life, For Her Saniscalchi, Robert J
My Son Is A Marine Allen, Jo Anne
NaTiVity Dramas Hewitt, Keith
No Small Miracles Burkes, Norris
None Left Behind Sasser, Charles W.
The Nonverbal Advantage Goman, Carol Kinsey
Not On My Watch Peters, Joshua M.
Odd and Unusual Tales from the Old West Pryor, Alton
Off To War: Voice of Soldiers' Children Ellis, Deborah
Old Age is a Terminal Illness Bond Ph.D., Alma H.
Old Man of the Mountains Lutton, Brookelea Heintz
Old WAVES Tales Alsmeyer, Maria B
Oliver, the Frog That Couldn’t Croak Culbertson, Jan E.
On My Honor: A Navy Wife's Vietnam War Waggoner, Karen W.
One Master One Disciple: A Thrilling Spiritual Adventure Subramanian, Jyotii
Only True Love Waits Abrams, Dwan
Ordinary Heroes: Six Stars in the Window Oja, Dan
The Other Casualty of War Bylin, Paul
Our Walk With God: A Love Story Of God And Country Bierbaum, Tabor
Out Of The Depths of Sexual Sin Gallagher, Steve
Pajo Kruger, Karl L.
Paradigm Taylor, Robert
Perch, Mrs. Sackets and Crow's Nest Pavlicin, Karen
Perfume Dreams: Reflections on the Vietnamese Diaspora Lam, Andrew
Ping-Pong Words And 30 More Children’s Sermons Suddarth, Marti Kramer
Plague Ship DuBrul, Jack & Cussler, Clive
The Poet Speaks in Black O’Neal, Terry A.
A Pogo’s Perspective Smith, Greg
Pollution IV Pollution IV
The Price of Freedom Fabel, Joe
The Prophet of San Marcos Dump Vincent, Michael Lawrence
Proximity Phillips, Stephen
Purrlock Holmes and the Case of the Missing Treasure Sleep, Betty
Pushing Ultimates Paz, Lew
Qismah Frank, C. F.
The Raven Lawson, John
Red Bird Down Carlson, Bruce E.
Red Sky at Night Bigelow, Bill
Repair for Kids McKinnon, Marjorie
Repair Your Life McKinnon, Marjorie
Reprisal Huntington, Vince
Return Fire Ozeroff, Barry W.
The Rings of Allah Boyland, Lee
The Road to Victory Thomas, Bill
Run Into Trouble Cook, Alan
Sacred Shadow, Sacred Ground Carter, Glenda
Saffron Dreams Abdullah, Shaila
Sandman Lucero, David
Scatterlings of Africa Davies, Peter
The Scrolls of Tora Bora Kaeffer, Demi
Seas of Crisis Buff, Joe
Seawolf 28 Billings, Al
The Sky’s the Limit DeGraw, Kathy
Sour M.A.S.H. at Sea - Second WAVE Stuhldreher, Walter "Bud"
Seeds of Greatness Zindler, Peter
September Snow Balmanno, Robert
Seven Days Sefler, Michaela
Seven Stars: Mystical Poetry Sefler, Michaela
The Shades Of Another World – When Evil Rises Wingate, Christian
Simple Survival: A Family Outdoors Guide Benton, Gary L.
Six Years After D-Day Alsmeyer, Maria B
Sixteen Messages for an Election Year Messerschmidt, Lowell
Smell of Death Meredith, F. M.
Smoke in the Mountains Cookbook Whitaker, Kent
Sniper Shot Ozeroff, Barry W.
Social Networking for Authors Volkin, Michael
Son, A Soldier's Work is Never Done Barnes, Kathy
Son, A Soldier's Work is Never Done McGarr, Smith
Sour M.A.S.H. At Sea Stuhldreher, Walter "Bud"
Space Egg Wizard, Brian
Spirit Feathers Condoleo, Christy
Spirit Warrior Zindler, Peter
Sports By the Numbers: University of Oklahoma Football Maxwell, Marc C. B., et al
The Spy Who Came for Christmas Morrell, David
The Spy With a Clean Face Miller, Russell R.
Stars & Shields: Cop Stories Cook, Edward T.
Stems of Life Picked from the Garden of Survival Hansen, Virginia E.
Still Dancing

Ford, Gabrielle

Rhine, Donna

Stir, Laugh, Repeat Cheves, Martha A.
Street Fight in Iraq Tracy, Patrick M.
Strike Group Reagan Hutchison, Harold
Suddenly Single Burton, Shana
Sugar, Zeroes, and Lemon Drops Greenwald, Jim
Surviving Deployment Pavlicin, Karen
Surviving Military Separation: 365 Days Maxwell, Marc C. B.
The Suspect Lescroart, John
'Sweeps Brown, Stephen Haywood
Sweet Lavender O’Neal, Terry A.
Swimming the Mirror Buchanan, Brad
Take A Seat – Make A Stand Nathan, Amy
Tales and Prayers for New Life in Christ Evans, Karl
Tales of the Inner City Bryte, Scott
Taste of the West Akamnonu, Dr. Oliver
The Tazie Effect Whittaker, Heather
Tears for Mother Earth Greenwald, Jim
Ted Williams At War Nowlin, Bill
Ten Commandments of Faith and Fitness Brinton, Henry

Khanna, Vikram

Tennessee Hometown Cookbook Whitaker, Kent
The Terra Cotta Army Man, John
TerrO.R. Neuschatz, Joseph J.
Texas Hometown Cookbook Whitaker, Kent
Theological Immortal Romance Wright, Kevin Brian
Thick Luck: The Search for POWs & MIAs Combs, David A.
This is the Place Howard-Johnson, Carolyn
Those Unseen Unheard Arkansas Women Alsmeyer, Maria B
Thoughts, Memories and Tears Griffin, Peter S.
Thrive! Frenkel Ph. D., Emanuel A.
Thunder in the Night Kopp, Raymond
Tinna's Promise Mayer, Miranda
To Hell and Beyond Vinson, Beth W.
To Love, Honor and OH BOY! Mondore, Patty
To Summon Angels Sefler, Michaela
Torpedo Edwards, Jeff
Toward a Hope-Filled Life Clarke, John W.
Train Up A Child Allen, Jo Anne
Transcendence Sefler, Michaela
The Twins Platoon Sauro Jr, Christy W.
Tyme's Hope Condoleo, Christy
The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook Volkin, Michael
The Ultimate Volunteer Guidebook for Young People Maxwell, Christine Reyna
~ Coming soon ~ Unleash The Warrior Within Machowicz, Richard "Mack"
Unscrambled Eggs Brown, Nadia
The U.S. Navy Against the Axis O'Hara, Vincent P.
Vietnam No Regrets Watkins, J. Richard
Virulent Winds Clonts, Jim "Radar"
War Wings: Films of the First Air War Stewart, Phillip W.
Warrior Healers Blessing Jr, Leonard D
Waterfront Rats Zindler, Peter
The Way of the WAVES Alsmeyer, Maria B
We Were One O'Donnell, Patrick
Wealth Odyssey Frank Sr., Larry R.
The Weeds of God Wood, Robert W.
What Am I  Doing Here? Kesey, Jim
What Are the Dead Sea Scrolls and Why Do They Matter?

Kuhlken, Pam Fox

Freedman, David Noel

When Destinies Collide Unger, Maurice H.
When We Were Colored Rutland, Eva
When You Hear the Bugle Call Griffin, Peter S.
Whitestone Botts, Jack C.
Why Are the Mountains Smoky? Whitaker, Kent
Why Didn’t You Get Me Out Anton, Frank
Wilber, The Littlest Pumpkin Culbertson, Jan E.
Wing Beat Meredith, Marilyn
Wings to Freedom Siddhanath, Yogiraj Gurunath
Wishing For Rain Greenwald, Jim
Witch Ember Lawson, John
With Pen & Feather Greenwald, Jim et al
Wishing Makes It So Meredith, Marilyn
Women At Risk: We Also Served Fortin, Noonie
Words and Feelings Whisenant, Billy
Wounded Body - Healing Spirit Senka, John T.
Wounded Warriors: Those for Whom the War Never Ends Sager, Mike
WWII: A Legacy of Letters - One Soldier's Journey Frederick, Clinton
Your Teen Apostolate

Bottesi, André Joseph

Bondi, Michele Elena



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