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Reviews will be done by other authors, professional reviewers, literary experts and sometimes a professional in the area of your writing.  This serves two purposes.  The first being that no one person is doing all the reviews.  The second is you get a review from another author or professional that you can then use to further market your book!

To submit your book for review, please send a request.  You will be asked to send two (2) copies of your book(s) to the address you will be given.  (Electronic versions of your title are not being accepted at this time.)  One copy is then sent to a reviewer and the other copy remains on hand for display at events we sponsor or attend to help further promote our authors.  Some venues we attend are for specific genres, in which case, only those titles fitting that genre will be displayed.

If you'd like to become one of our reviewers, please drop us a note and let us know your area of reading enjoyment.

*Due to the volume of reviews being done, we are only able to highlight two or three at a time.  However, ALL reviews can be accessed by searching either by title or by author.  Click on one of the following links to see a full listing of reviews.

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Just reviewed...


Title:  Battlefields & Blessings: Stories Of faith and Courage from The War In Iraq & Afghanistan

Authors:  Jane Hampton Cook, Jocelyn Green & John Croushorn

Publisher:  AMG Publishers

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

The Best Book of the Series!

This newest installment in the wonderful series of books on faith on the battlefields, deals with the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Three very gifted authors worked together to deliver a powerful series of stories that show courage and faith. It also demonstrates and shows the spiritual connections between these warriors and God through their individual experiences.

The full title of this inspiring book is "Battlefields & Blessings: Stories Of Faith And Courage from The War In Iraq & Afghanistan." Truly a lot of loving work went into putting these personal stories together. It is not just about what takes place on battlefields but it is also about people: veterans, mother’s and fathers and chaplains and even non-veterans such congressman, contractors, and missionaries.

This book is definitely good for the soul of the reader. It is an easy to read accounting of those whose lives have been touched by this current war on terrorism. It is heart warming as well, at times, a little heart wrenching.

This is one book that I proudly display on my own personal bookshelf. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who has military people in their lives. I even recommend it to those who are just patriotic or love a book of great faith.

Just reviewed...


Title:  My Life, For Her

Author:  Robert J. Saniscalchi

Publisher:  PublisherAmerica

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

Thrill Ride Through a Nightmare!

Robert J. Saniscalchi’s newest book "My Life, For Her" is an action packed and emotionally loaded weapon that will explode into the reader’s mind and heart. It starts slowly and becomes a never-ending thrill ride that takes the reader to places within their own psyche that is as uncomfortable as a real-life nightmare! No one ever wants to see his or her own family in danger. This is truly one of those moving stories where you become the hero in your own mind as you follow along from page to page waiting for our veteran/cop hero to terminate the bad guys and rescue his family.

The book is all that you could ask for in any adventure tale; it is exciting, suspenseful, and above all—moving. This is a story that comes at you like a bullet with your name on it! A book you will not soon forget!

Just reviewed...


Title:  None Left Behind: The 10th Mountain Division And The Triangle Of Death

Author:  Charles W. Sasser

Publisher:  St. Martin’s Press

Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

Gripping Account!

Author Charles W. Sasser has written many truly great books over the past decade including his award winning book "God in the Foxhole."  His newest book, "None Left Behind: The 10th Mountain Division And The Triangle Of Death," has all of them beat!  It offers readers all of the emotions, action, death, fear, and courage, that one would get from any great thriller novel – but what hits you is that this is a true story of real people involved in a real war.  The author delivers it in a package of prose and words that is readable, inspiring and entertaining.  Well written and authentic by someone who has obviously worn the uniform proudly himself.

You will find yourself fully engrossed in the storyline as he follows the action through the experiences of the real life warriors who were there. The bottom line is that he truly loves and respects all these Soldiers and it shows. His book honors all those of the 10th Mountain Division as well as those fighting the current war on terrorism.

*This book receives the AAA Founder's fullest endorsement and recommendation!

Just reviewed...


Title:  Faith Deployed: Daily Encouragement for Military Wives

Author:  Jocelyn Green with contributing authors

Publisher:  Moody Publishers

Reviewer:  W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

A Much Needed Inspirational Book!

I think the title of the newest book by Jocelyn Green "Faith Deployed: Daily Encouragement for Military Wives" really sums up the content and the purpose of her book. However, I think it is not just for wives and could just as well be for husbands with spouses overseas, or mothers and fathers and even children. There are some fundamental truths and thoughts throughout the book that lend it to a greater audience of readers. And that is my only negative comment about a delightful and much needed book.

This book would make a great gift to give to those who have relatives overseas –in war zones or otherwise. The book is heavy with biblical quotes and lots of real life advice from wives representing all the military branches of service. Green does a good job of weaving in her writing with those of the contributing writers to form an emotional and spiritual foundation from which the reader will find some inner strength and peace.

I highly recommend this book and suggest that all those who have any military connections buy a copy and keep it in your personal library. It is good insurance against all those worries that may grip you when you are waiting for your loved ones to return back home.

Just reviewed...


Title:  Still Dancing: One Dream, One Dog, One Stage, Ridding the World of Bullies One School at a Time

Author:  Gabrielle Ford & Donna Rhine

Publisher:  Self Published

Reviewer:  W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

Inspiring Memoir!

I found the book "Still Dancing" to be more than I was expecting. It was truly inspirational and clearly a much deeper and richer story experience then I thought I was going to get. The authors Gabrielle Ford and Donna Rhine have presented the life experiences of a young woman along with her dog - who manages to fight back at disease, bullies and at times some emotionally stressing times in her life.

There are multi-layered pieces to this book but the underlying issues are about self-confidence and overcoming roadblocks that keep getting thrown at Gabrielle and her family. Certainly her mother is also a true hero in this accounting, as she had to deal with so many life tests from personal health issues to a suicide in her family – while being there for her own daughter’s needs.

The issue of school bullies and growing up are the backbone of the book but it is so much more than just that. It is also about the love of a dog, friendships, family, hope and inspiration. Gabrielle and her dog Izzy have touched so many lives.

I strongly recommend this book for all readers in the family. This book is one of those books that will make you feel better afterwards even though you might find yourself tearful while reading parts of it.

This book has been nominated for one of the "2010 American Author’s Association" awards.

I believe that it is that good. Go buy a copy of this book NOW!


Just reviewed...


Title:  Your Teen Apostolate: Accepting and Sharing the Love of God

Author:  André Joseph Bottesi & Michele Elena Bondi

Publisher:  Joseph Karl Publishing

Reviewer:  Martha A. Cheves – AAA Member

It's such an inspiration to read a book written by a young person. But it's even more inspiring to read a book written by a young person who believes in God's love for him and his love for God and isn't afraid to share his feelings. Due to peer pressure most young adults and teens keep their silence when it comes to religion and their beliefs. They fear the loss of acceptance by others. Even adults have a tendency to have the same fears when it comes to speaking of and talking about God. Not André Joseph Bottesi. This is one teenager who believes and lives by the Bible and isn't afraid to let it show.

Your Teen Apostolate is a very inspirational book that needs to be read and "listened" to by both young people as well as adults.

Just reviewed...


Title:  Across the Bridge

Author:  Jim Greenwald

Publisher:  PublishAmerica

Reviewer:   Marilyn Meredith – AAA Member

Poet, Jim Greenwald, offers another collection of his beautiful poetry. In Across the Bridge, Greenwald offers poems that are sure to make you think, perhaps examine your own soul, and perhaps, shed a tear or two. One thing is for sure, anyone reading this collection will enjoy each and every one of these poems.


Just reviewed...


Title:  Stir, Laugh, Repeat

Author:  Martha A. Cheves

Publisher:  Tate Publishing

Reviewer:   Marilyn Meredith – AAA Member

This is a book I keep in my kitchen!

Not only have I laughed while reading it, I’ve cooked almost all of the recipes. The author shares a lot of her life while telling about when and why she cooked one of the recipes. Every dish is easy enough for a novice cook. A bride would love to receive Stir, Laugh, Repeat as a shower or bridal gift, and it is a gift she’ll use.

There are simple and delicious recipes for breads, desserts, main dishes, and vegetables—with simple directions. One warning though, most of the recipes are not for someone on a diet—but they are all delicious.

Highly recommended!

Just reviewed...


Title:  Social Networking for Authors - Untamed Possibilities for Wealth Author:  Michael Volkin

Publisher:  Volkin Associates

Reviewer:   Marilyn Meredith – AAA Member

This book tells how to use all the social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and many, many more to work for you and help you sell more books. He describes sites I’ve never heard of and will be sure to try out. The author points out all the free tools available on the Internet and how to use them to your best advantage.

Want to know if your website is doing the most for you it possibly can? This book will tell you exactly what should be on your site and where it should be located.

As the author points out, writing a good book is not enough these days. Certainly, Social Networking for Authors should be in every author’s library.

Just reviewed...


Title:  The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook

Author:  Michael Volkin

Publisher:  Savas Beatie

Reviewer:   Marilyn Meredith – AAA Member

As it says on the cover, this book gives tips, tricks, and tactics for surviving boot camp. While reading through it, I think that anyone who knows someone going into the service should read this book thoroughly. And if you know someone getting ready to enlist, give them this book as a gift.

Not only does it spell out exactly what to expect in basic training, but it gives instructions on how to prepare for the physical aspects. Even better are the tips on how to get along with everyone, including the drill sergeants.

This is a remarkable book and should be put into the hands of every young man before he signs up for his service of choice.

Just reviewed...


Title:  A Whirlwind Profession

Author:  Catherine Miller

Publisher:  iUniverse

Reviewer:   Marilyn Meredith – AAA Member

The blurb from Vanity Fair Magazine sums up this book quite succinctly, "A Novel Approach to the Role Fashion Plays in Current NYC Society."  Though A Whirlwind Profession is the story of Tina, a fashion designer, much of the book centers on the fashion industry, the people involved in all aspects of fashions, and the importance of clothes to the characters.  The plot is truly minor to all of the descriptions of the fashions and the colorful characters who inhabit Tina’s world.  I found the story fascinating as it let me, as the reader, peek into a part of society that I know little about. 

I recommend A Whirlwind Profession to anyone looking for a light and most entertaining read.

Just reviewed...


Title:  Louisiana Hometown Cookbook

Authors:  Kent Whitaker & Sheila Simmons

Publisher:  Great American Publishers

Reviewer:   Marilyn Meredith – AAA Member

Having reviewed other cookbooks in the Hometown Cookbook Series, I knew I was in for a treat!

More than any of the other cookbooks, this one is definitely unique to the state of Louisiana.  Along with delightful recipes, there are vignettes about many of the food festivals held annually all over the state.  As you would expect there are many wonderful seafood recipes, but where else can you find 27 different recipes using crawfish as the main ingredient?  Or 7 recipes for with alligator as the main ingredient?  The cookbook is divided into the following sections: Beverages and Appetizers: Bread and Breakfast; Salads, Sauces, Dressings and Rubs; Soups, Stews and Gumbo; Meats (some great and unusual chicken recipes); Fish and Seafood; Cakes, Cookies & Candies; Pies and Other Desserts; and a List of Louisiana Festivals.

You’ll get hungry just reading the recipes in this delightful addition to the Hometown Cookbook Series.

Just reviewed...


Title:  Mirrored Minds

Authors:  Terri Lee

Publisher:  Terri Lee, LLC

Reviewer:   Marilyn Meredith – AAA Member

This is a fascinating look into both the writer’s mind and the mind of a woman who completely loses her memory after recovering from a coma caused by an accident in which her husband and twin boys are killed. Although many methods are used to restore her memory, it remains a blank.

This writer has skillfully written about phenomena that has happened to others, and brings to the readers how this woman rebuilds her life. Cleverly written, my imagination was captured from the beginning. At times, it seemed instead of fiction this might have been a memoir. For something unusual, Mirrored Minds is highly recommended.

Just reviewed...


Title:  Hospital Administration and Management: A Comprehensive Guide

Author:  Joydeep Das Gupta

Publisher:  Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd

Reviewer:   Marilyn Meredith – AAA Member

For anyone who is thinking about going into hospital administration and/or management or someone already working in this field who is running into problems, this is the book to read.

The author, who has years of experience in hospital administration and human resources, has presented every topic in a well-organized and easy to read manner.

The book is broken down into parts:

Part I Hospital Administration and Management

Part II Hospital Organization and Services

Part III Hospital Support Services

Part IV Hospital Policies and Legal Aspect of Hospital Administration

Each part has separate chapters on every aspect of that particular category.

This is a well-organized and easy to follow guide that should be helpful to anyone working in any aspect of the management of a hospital.


Just reviewed...


Title:  Coming Late to America: 1000 Hours With Victims of Memory Loss

Author:  Dr. Oliver Akamnonu

Publisher:  XLibris

Reviewer:   Marilyn Meredith – AAA Member

Ogbuebe, a doctor in his homeland, is suddenly faced with the realization that it was no longer safe to live or practice medicine in the government hospitals.  He moves his family to America.  Reading about Ogbuebe’s challenges in the new land as he learns to drive and to deal with the banking systems is fascinating.  He tries gambling in Las Vegas and witnesses American politics.  In fact, Ogbuebe’s curiosity about all things American and his conclusions about them are quite interesting.  A great section of the book is about Ogbuebe’s time working in an Alzheimer’s facility and what he observes about the facility itself, the Alzheimer’s patients, and those who care for them.  This is an interesting read about America through the eyes of someone who came here from a third world country.

Definitely worth reading, and will make you think about how people from another country view us.

Just reviewed...


Title:  Blue Eyes

Author:  Patricia Lieb

Publisher:  Asylett Press

Reviewer:   Marilyn Meredith – AAA Member

Blue Eyes is a most unusual book about an equally unusual woman, Mary.  The book begins in June of 1973 where Mary finds herself with someone she doesn’t remember.  But the many memories she does have are disturbing and don’t make sense.  The story jumps back and forth in time, weaving a history Mary shouldn’t know about into her present day life.  At times it doesn’t seem that anything will be clear—but if the reader keeps going, eventually, it all becomes clear.

A fascinating story, Blue Eyes will keep you guessing. For the reader who likes something different.

Just reviewed...


Title:  Black Jack

Author:  Jean Holloway

Publisher:  PHE Ink

Reviewer:   Marilyn Meredith – AAA Member

Black Jack is the sequel to Jean Holloway’s first mystery, Ace of Hearts.

Told from several points of view, this is mainly the story of Detective Shevaughn Robinson as she discovers what looked like an older woman’s suicide was really murder.   This discovery leads her into a whirlwind of more murders as she tracks the killer.  Along the way, her personal life becomes more complicated from many sources.

As with any good mystery, there are many clues and leads that don’t go the expected direction, and surprising twists.  Shevaughn is a strong heroine, one the reader will want to cheer on.  A good read—but be warned, there is explicit sex.

The format of the book has extra spacing between paragraphs, which makes it a bit distracting for this reviewer.

Recommended to readers who like ample spice with their mysteries.

Just reviewed...


Title:  Crack Between the Worlds

Author:  Carmen Stenholm

Publisher:  Red Engine Press

Reviewer:   Marilyn Meredith – AAA Member

Historical fiction, Crack Between the Worlds is the story of four generations of mothers and daughters, beginning in the summer of 1871 in Europe. The tale is filled with unbelievable hardship that these strong women endure in order to survive. Families are torn apart by the brutalities of war—but this is not about historical events except as what is happening around them affects each of these women.

The author has given us an intimate look into the personalities of each of these women and how they manage to cope with the challenges facing them, and how they are able to move on through lives that at times see hopeless.

Heart wrenching at times, this is fascinating reading. Though it is fiction, it is based on the lives of the women in the author’s own family and how they finally ended up in America.

Just reviewed...


Title:  Tears for Mother Earth

Author:  Jim Greenwald

Publisher:  PublishAmerica

Reviewer:   Marilyn Meredith – AAA Member

Master poet, Jim Greenwald, presents a collection of poetry focusing on nature and the world around us from the point-of-view of the Native American. All of Greenwald’s poetry is beautiful and often thought-provoking. What I like best about his poems are that each one tells a story. For all poetry lovers, take the time to savor how Greenwald presents his message.

Just reviewed...


Title:  The Dream House, Visions and Nightmares 

Author:  Victoria Roder

Publisher:  Asylett Publishing

Reviewer:   Nan Mahon – AAA Member

Easy and entertaining, The Dream House is laced with humor as well as graphic images of disjointed dreams, such as everyone has experienced at some time in their slumber. But these dreams call to the protagonist to put things right by exposing a murder committed more than thirty years ago.

A bond between sisters, a new romance blooming, and the healing of childhood wounds ties the story together. The characters are believable and flawed as real people are. There is the unexpected twist at the end that keeps the story from being predicable. The quoting of Bible verses is a nice touch and it is clear that the author did her research before beginning her tale of dream interpretations.

This is a quick, fun read that will tease your imagination.

Just reviewed...


Title:  Taste of the West 

Author:  Dr. Oliver Akamnonu

Publisher:  XLibris

Reviewer:   Nan Mahon – AAA Member

Nadike is the much loved, but unspoiled, only son of a well-off farmer in a small village in the heart of Africa. The struggle in this quiet, simple world is between the old ways and the new teachings of the missionaries who come to bring change and to educate the children of the village.

When Nadike is chosen to become an official in the church, his father is torn between letting his only son go or to keep him close in the old ways. It is a sacrifice his father will make out of love and pride.

Nadike leaves his village and gets an astonishing taste of the West. His choice is to return to Africa to be near the people he loves, but he can never be theirs again.

This is a sweet story told in a uncomplicated fashion by a writer who understands his subject. It is full of love and joy, family, and the ever present change often forced on others for what is perceived as their own good.

The title of this book does not do it justice. But if you are tired of dark tales of violence and hate, this is a refreshing, heart lifting story.

More reviews are coming!


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