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Wait til you see where we've been lately!  A new story of AAA Authors giving back to those who've served our country in uniform!  Article and pictures from Palo Alto Veterans Administration Hospital coming soon!!

Word has gotten out!

American Author's Association members have done such an amazing job with helping the North West Louisiana War Veteran's Home fill their shelves, that we have been asked by other military facilities to help bring books to their libraries.  These facilities not only serve our retired veterans but also our wounded.  American Author's Association is proud to be able to help honor our military wounded and veterans in any way we can.  If you would like to send signed copies of your books to any of these facilities, please contact Maria Edwards for more details.


American Author's Association members Mahaila and Danica McKellar announce the release of their new Yoga/Meditation DVD "Daily Dose of Dharma."   The two members offered a special discount to American Authors Association members for a limited time. 

In mid-April 2007 I put out a request to help fill the shelves of a library at the North West Louisiana War Veterans Home (NWLWVH).  This facility just recently opened, and in preparation to honor these veterans with a Silver Star Flag from The Silver Star Families of America, some good friends of mine were given a tour of the facility.  It really is quite nice.  One friend, Karen, was struck though, by the vast amount of empty space on their library shelves.  Soon afterwards she called and asked if I could help.  That's when the request hit your in-box!

I have to say how thrilled I am that so many of you stepped forward to honor these veterans with copies of your books.  Many of you even went a step further and sent books from your own personal libraries.  We've even had some of our artists and performers contribute copies of their work.  My heart is filled with gratitude and awe.  Thank all of you for honoring these very special veterans who've fought to defend our nation and preserve our liberties.

In doing this, you have each demonstrated the core values of our organization:

"Teach" - you did this through example.       

"Share" - in an amazing outpouring of support for these veterans.

"Encourage" - and hope was seen with each package they received.

"Honor" - to those who have given so much for us.


Please read the article that was written in their local paper. . .

*Any one still wanting to contribute may do so by contacting me for mailing information.


THANK YOU!  Thank you to the many dozens who have graciously shared your literary talents and favorite reads with these veterans.  Take a look at their shelves now!


These shelves are filling up because of  you!  Karen couldn't help but sneak a peak at some of the books as she volunteered to help shelve them...


These pictures were taken around Memorial Day 2007.

I know that books continue to be received.  Know that each of you who have sent something, have touched the lives of these veterans in a very special way.  THANK YOU!

*Any one still wanting to contribute may do so by contacting me for mailing information.


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